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The average American uses 3 gallons of drinkable water in just a minute and 25 seconds3, while in a shower. In some regions of the world like Sub-Saharan Africa for example, those 3 gallons of potable water can save the lives of an entire family about to die from water deprivation, diarrhea or some other water-borne illnesses.

This enormous disparity in availability of potable water and the pressing need to do something about it is the driving force behind MUDWATER.

With the MUDWATER Bracelet, we Americans now have the opportunity to extend our privileged access to abundant potable water to regions of the world where the littlest amount of clean water can literally save thousands of lives, one child at a time.



10% of Our Net Profits go to Providing Clean Water, in some of the Remotest Parts of the Earth

MUDWATER works with ONE DROP, contributing 10% of the profits earned on MUDWATER bracelet sales. ONE DROP is an organization dedicated to making potable water accessible to the most water deprived parts of the world.

One Drop’s many projects have already significantly improved potable water accessibility to 1.4 Million people, in 13 different countries across the world.

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